About us

"MEYME ..."

The intensity of a style, the security of a philosophy transformed into clothes designed and created for today's woman. You, the customer, are the center of our particular business model.

Creativity and good taste, is not dressing, is knowing how to do it. Finding your own style, following or not following fashion trends, is always looking for something different to be irreplaceable. Meyme is not a common clothing store, it is a relaxing space where you can find concepts that you may not have needed precisely because they had not been presented to you until now.

MUCH MORE THAN A BRAND , a space dedicated to fashion with a fun theme made exclusively for you. Join us, join our path, from a simple but demanding first moment. We want to make you happy and, together, make us great!

Clothes are the best weapon to define ourselves, define yourself, your way and way of seeing life, but, above all, us, our way of understanding that our clothes are different lifestyles. What you don't say, your style says.

We always try to contribute our grain of sand to the planet. Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard and little by little we are taking out collections of clothes with an ecological seal such as the collection of ECO EarthPositive t-shirts with 100% organic cotton.

Before materializing this project that excites us so much, we had you as we share the same values: security, courage and our love for fashion.